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January 2020

"The Foundation of Growth"  - WSMV 4 Your Community

Have you ever wondered where the steel used to build major projects in Nashville come from? Tom Randles answers that question as he sits down with a husband and wife dedicated to helping Music City grow.

March 2019

"Fabricator transforms from job shop to structural job shop"  - The Fabricator

Nashville Fabrication has grown into a powerhouse fabricator with CNC and automated heavy machinery. It outfits the nation’s largest distribution centers.


April 2017


"Nashville steel fabricator plans move to Ashland City" - The Tennessean

"A West Nashville structural steel fabrication and erector company with more than 50 full-time employees wants to relocate to Ashland City to expand.

Nashville Fabrication is in negotiations to sell its property on Duluth Avenue, off Robertson Avenue, where the company has operated for 10 years in a 25,000-square-foot building."

April 2016


"Nashville Fabrication's Ring of Fire Heats Up First Tennessee Park"- Peddinghaus

Nashville Fabrication is featured in Peddinghaus' Spring Peddi-TV for it's work on the Nashville Sounds new ballpark, First Tennesse Park, using Peddinghaus' Ring of Fire.  There are currently 5 of these machines in the world and Nashville Fabrication is one of the proud owners. 

February 2016


"Nashville Fabricator Bringing the Heat with the Ring of Fire" - Peddinghaus


"With the recent economic and development boom in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, a competitive edge is no longer a desire for structural fabricators - it's a necessity. This "My Peddinghaus Story" video takes you 10-minutes outside of Nashville where husband and wife team, Andy and Jen Hobbs, have taken their fabrication firm out of the self-proclaimed 'stone age' and into CNC technology.

Witness how one piece of Peddinghaus machinery has played a crucial role in renowned projects across the U.S. and increased Nashville Fab's capacity 'five-fold'."

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